Saturday, September 22, 2012

Finding the key to understanding Sharepoint

I liked this video as it attempts to enlighten us on the key to understanding SharePoint. I must say, when I attend conferences, there is actually starting to be a line in the Women's bathroom. So I don't know for how long Mark Rackley can get away with a talk like this, but there truth to his presentation with regards to understanding SharePoint.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Demo of InfoPath 2010

Attending a Bootcamp immersion class and learning some very good things.  Today's topic was InfoPath and I was impressed with the power of this tool.  It seemed familiar to me as it reminded me of both designing with Dreamweaver and Ms Access forms.

I created a couple of videos using Jing to highlight what we learned today.

Part One details Replacing the Sharepoint New Form with an InfoPath Form  (5 minutes)

Part Two details Using the Infopath Webpart on a Sharepoint 2 column page (5 minutes)

While I could only scratch the surface in this class, I want to learn more about InfoPath.  Did you know you could do the following with InfoPath?
  • apply themes to the form
  • create controls such as buttons, combo boxes, date pickers, and dynamic text in calculated values
  • add in rules to offer a complex form by hiding fields based on form choices, making some field optional, etc
  • display the form in a webpart on your webpage
All pretty simple and quick.
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